Minidose Massage Sessions

In my personal experience,  receiving bodywork in combination with medicinal magic truffles is a beautiful way to travel to deeper levels of your self and bring healing to areas where things are stuck, either physically, mentally or spiritually.
That's why I will now be offering oriental massage sessions in our lovely ceremonial space in the Pijp in Amsterdam.

Having worked with the spirit medicines for many years individually as a guide, I now feel that to combine that with my practice as a massage therapist trained in Shiatsu, Thai massage and other forms of healing is a double benefit.

Sessions will last between 90 minutes and 3.5 hours and will include the Spirit Medicine and one Hour or more of Bodywork tailored to what you need at this moment. 
I will hold space for you to open up to whatever needs to be felt, and guide you to the reality of healing.

90 min. € 75
2.5 Hrs. € 125
3.5 Hrs. € 175
(VAT Included)

Feel free to inquire about anything or for options by sending Email to Templeoftiming@gmail.com
or find me on Facebook at Oyasin Healing

Sessions could also happen at your house is you prefer.

Looking forward to meet and start a healing journey together.

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