Microdose coaching.

In collaboration with Earth Resonance, I've been offering clients one-on-one coaching in their personal microdose journeys. 
I offer my support and advice during the chosen period to try and maximise the benefit of the self therapy, and remind you of your goals, aswell as answering any questions that might arise on the physical or emotional planes. 

Having worked with microdosing extensively myself in the past and, I know how it can assist you in your personal growth and help one conquer obstacles in life that previously seemed insurmountable.

That's why, with great enthusiasm I offer my service, for the benefit of all of humanity, and because to me, the most rewarding work is that in which I am able to help others attain their highest natural potential.


Guided Medicinal Journeys


The potential of transformation lies within you, you have the power to heal yourself.
Letting the medicine assist you in going beyond what you held possible, I hold the space for people as they explore the internal universe of the mind and beyond. 
Having practiced Buddhist insight meditation for a decade and studying various forms of self healing, I will be there to be by your side while you experience the power of the sacred medicine as a tool to bring about profound change and healing. 
My aim is to create a safe space for you where you have the feeling that you are totally welcome to be yourself in all your aspects. 

Based in Amsterdam, I works with different medicines from all over the globe, foremost amongst which is psilocybin, and all of which I have myself deeply explored, experiences he loves to share with others in the best possible ways.

Beyond being a tripsitter, I also offer one-on-one Oriental Bodywork sessions as a preparation to your journey to help your really come into the present, in your body, and relax your mind for the experience to unfold. 

For more information on what I offer or what the possibilities are for single or group sessions, just drop me an email, via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

May you be guided
Mitakuye Oyasin 


Minidose Massage Sessions

In my personal experience,  receiving bodywork in combination with medicinal magic truffles is a beautiful way to travel to deeper levels of your self and bring healing to areas where things are stuck, either physically, mentally or spiritually.
That's why I will now be offering oriental massage sessions in our lovely ceremonial space in the Pijp in Amsterdam.

Having worked with the spirit medicines for many years individually as a guide, I now feel that to combine that with my practice as a massage therapist trained in Shiatsu, Thai massage and other forms of healing is a double benefit.

Sessions will last between 90 minutes and 3.5 hours and will include the Spirit Medicine and one Hour or more of Bodywork tailored to what you need at this moment. 
I will hold space for you to open up to whatever needs to be felt, and guide you to the reality of healing.

90 min. € 75
2.5 Hrs. € 125
3.5 Hrs. € 175
(VAT Included)

Feel free to inquire about anything or for options by sending Email to Templeoftiming@gmail.com
or find me on Facebook at Oyasin Healing

Sessions could also happen at your house is you prefer.

Looking forward to meet and start a healing journey together.


Reflections from past Journeyers 


"My big take-aways were that nothing really matters in the end, so live your life as if it were art. Create the art for yourself and your own enjoyment and growth. Don’t be beholden to external expectations created by family, friends or society."
                                                                                           - John, Australia -

"The trip was contemplative, yet engaging, supported by the scenic natural surroundings, and spiritual beats and chants that facilitated self-discovery. Gabriel was very supportive, and struck a great balance between the roles of good listener, respectful guide, and safety promoter."

                                                                                           - Raoul, Bahrain - 

"The journey turned out to be one of my strongest, most powerful trips yet so I’m glad I was in good hands. I was really grateful for the loving attention, before, during and after. I am still thinking about it a lot, so I’d recommend it to anyone looking to do a guided journey in Amsterdam."
  1.                                                             - Vera, United Kingdom -
Gabriel has created a wonderful environment and is extremely welcoming and accommodating. He was the perfect host and was a big part of what made our experience memorable. He did an amazing job of not only making us feel welcome at the beginning, but let us know that we were welcome to stay as long as we needed to digest and talk about our experience.
- Diego, United Kingdom -